LFP Battery Pack Burn-in

So the majority of the NIMH packs have given up the ghost. May they rest in peace.

After much hemming and hawing, decided to replace them with Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) in a 12s1p configuration of Headway 40152S Cells. 15Ah x 36v. Not quite as energy dense as polymer, but …


Profile your code!

As part of an ongoing contract, there was a need to parse and specifically classify traffic from multiple common log format files. As the rest of the stack in play was using Perl, the utility written to do so was also written in Perl. Yes, I know its 2020.

For …


NiMH Battery Pack Burn-in

My wife and I purchased a set of 3 used Cuda 400 DPVs which included 6 NiMH battery packs of various age and abuse. Prior to purchase the battery packs were float charged on the shelf for half a year without a full discharge cycle. First test outing we had …


Cookie Monster

keeping state on the server side is a common hindrance to scaling out beyond a single server. anything you can have the client keep track of, you do not have to worry about synchronizing across nodes on the server side.

without getting into crazy stuff like ASN.1, wanted to …


Scrabble solver

Code :: Perl, C

snippet of brute force scrabble solving. written as an exercise in data locality optimization.