Klipper Firmware on Ender 3

Finally got dragging kicking and screaming into the ‘10s with a Xmas gift of a used Ender 3

What do I do? throw Klipper on it and have a month of pain.

Most things were pretty straightforward, but the pin assignments were a bit wonkey vs the off the shelf …


Irda, Linux, and a working mcs7780 chipset

Linux / Scuba ::

Finally picked up an IrDA transciver based on mcs7780 chipset for getting Subsurface working with our Lunas. had a bunch of trouble getting it working with Linux, but found a wonderful walkthrough at kartadmin that laid out how to get it all working.

quote for quick reference:

  1. Download and install …

Using reposync to create a partial yum mirror.

In a previous life, I had built and deployed a partial yum mirror to speed up, and simplify, kick starting and deployment of supporting packages for an application stack. since there were multiple upstream yum repos that needed to be consulted (centos base, couchbase, epel, pgsql, etc), it made sense …