2021 Mexico

Spent late June down in Mexico; Diving out of Xoc-Ha, with still photography by SJ Alice Bennett.

Had such a great time that we booked another trip within 2 weeks of leaving!


Profile your code!

As part of an ongoing contract, there was a need to parse and specifically classify traffic from multiple common log format files. As the rest of the stack in play was using Perl, the utility written to do so was also written in Perl. Yes, I know its 2020.

For …


NiMH Battery Pack Burn-in

Code / Python ::

My wife and I purchased a set of 3 used Cuda 400 DPVs which included 6 NiMH battery packs of various age and abuse. Prior to purchase the battery packs were float charged on the shelf for half a year without a full discharge cycle. First test outing we had …


ls2 coil conversion

After being left stranded on the side of the road with a failed TFIAGAIN. It’s time to pull the trigger and move to d585s LS2/Truck coils.


2019 Juilet

Had a great time in the Bahamas again with the Juliet and her wonderful crew!

Thanks to Nick and Robyn for putting the trip together, and the wonderful crew for hosting us!

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Purrfect Day Cafe

Went down to Purrfect Day Cafe for a birthday party. Had a great time destressing with the kitties.

Canon t3i, f/2 35mm, f/2.8 ~ f/3.5, 1/200 to 1/1600 shutter, ISO 1600


2018 Blackbeard

Jayme and I ran away from the cold this year, and jumped on a Blackbeards Cruise. Had a great time, and did not break the bank in the process. Unfortunetely had some issues with the photo settings on the GoPro, but the video worked fine.

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2018 Saba

Went down to Saba / St Kitts / St Maarten with https://www.explorerventures.com/saba-st-kitts/ and Immersion Divers.

Had such a great time the first week, decided to stay another!

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2017 July 4th weekend at Gilboa

Again for 2017, Jayme and I spent a nice relaxing weekend up at Gilboa Quarry. Thanks to Jon for heading up and getting a day of dives in! Passed dive #200 on Sunday, and finally caught a proper sight of the paddlefish to boot!


2017 Juilet

Had a great time in the Bahamas with the Juliet and her wonderful crew!

Thanks to Nick and Robyn for putting the trip together, and the wonderful crew for hosting us!


2016 Cat Ppalu

Had the pleasure of being on the beautiful sailing catamaran Cat Ppalu for a week!

Thanks to Tony for putting the trip together, and the wonderful crew for hosting us!


Using TunerStudio’s AutoTune with MAF applications

A few weeks ago, EFI Analytics released a new version of their TunerStudio software suite for MegaSquirt EFI. Unfortunately, the update did not include adding auto tune features to the MAF flow curve. This is not an apparent issue for most users, as the preferred metering method is Speed Density …


Fezzik’s RPO list

after trying to find out some options on replacement parts for our van, fezzik, finally dug out the RPO sheet and resolved the options out. well, at least all the ones i could find options for.

AD8 - right side door option?
au3 - electric door locks
a01 - tinted windows
a18 - swing …

2016 July 16th weekend at Gilboa

Gilboa was a bit more crowded this weekend, but got in quite a few good dives. Temps were in the mid 70s above 25’, and high 60s down to around 40’.


Fezzik gets a bed

Saturday, Fezzik got the conversion bed and chair removed and a queen sized bed installed.


2016 July 4th weekend at Gilboa

Jayme and I spent a nice relaxing weekend up at Gilboa Quarry. Very little crowds, and got to meet some very cool people! Thanks to Evan for the great dives, and thanks to Tracy, Ryan, Caitlin, and everyone else for the good conversation!


2016 Moon and Saturn

Moon and Saturn from 2016-06-13. Cannon T3i, 2X teleconverter, Meade Lightbridge 12”. no post.


2016 Denver

Had a great trip out west to Denver. Lots of time spent enjoying the sights and sounds of the city and the surrounding areas.


2016 Isla

Thanks yet again to Sea Hawk Divers for hosting us down in Isla!


2015 Isla Pictures

Thanks again to Sea Hawk Divers for hosting us down in Isla!


Irda, Linux, and a working mcs7780 chipset

Linux / Scuba ::

Finally picked up an IrDA transciver based on mcs7780 chipset for getting Subsurface working with our Lunas. had a bunch of trouble getting it working with Linux, but found a wonderful walkthrough at kartadmin that laid out how to get it all working.

quote for quick reference:

  1. Download and install …

Using reposync to create a partial yum mirror.

In a previous life, I had built and deployed a partial yum mirror to speed up, and simplify, kick starting and deployment of supporting packages for an application stack. since there were multiple upstream yum repos that needed to be consulted (centos base, couchbase, epel, pgsql, etc), it made sense …


2014 Cozumel Pictures

Cozumel 2014


Buhlmann implementation

Code / Python :: Scuba ::

after OW classes, for some topics found myself with more questions then answers. seems that understanding decompression algorithms is ‘a phase’ that some divers just have to go through.

the ‘reference’ gas loading model is Buhlmann ZHL-16. what better way to understand something than to build it?

started as …


Cookie Monster

Code / Python :: Web ::

keeping state on the server side is a common hindrance to scaling out beyond a single server. anything you can have the client keep track of, you do not have to worry about synchronizing across nodes on the server side.

without getting into crazy stuff like ASN.1, wanted to …


Scrabble solver

Code / Perl :: C ::

snippet of brute force scrabble solving. written as an exercise in data locality optimization.



ECU SD data-log analysis

Code / Perl ::

an abuse of in memory databases to replace an abuse of spreadsheets; required as the piggyback ECU’s tool-set did not include any number crunching ability. replaced soon after by proper ECU tuning tools included with the megasquirt platform, but was a useful exercise in moving data around nonetheless.

github …